How to care for your flowers



Phalaenopsis Orchids are a fun plant to grow.  You maybe surprised at how easy it is to care for these beautiful flowers.  Once a week give your orchid an ice cube.  It may seem like it will give the plant a shock because it is cold, however, Orchids don’t like having ‘wet feet’ as they will get a fungal disease from sitting in excess water. The ice will met at a pace that the orchid can take in the nutrients at an appropriate pace.

They also like to drink through their faces, so be sure to mist them especially in the warmer weather.  Their preferred home is on a window sill away from draughts & are well used to warmer climates as they originally were tropical plants.

Once your flower has finished, if the leaves and roots are still green keep tending to your plant.  Cut the spike back to one of the lower notches, by doing this you are no longer sending energy to a part that is no longer alive, meaning the plant can focus on growing new roots, new leaves and a new beautiful spike of flowers.


On receiving your beautiful bouquet of roses, do not untie the arrangement. Cute 2cm off the bottom of the stems on a 45 degree angle. This will assist the roses in drinking properly. Place in a deep vase filled with water and flower food.

To help your roses last longer, recut the stems placing them in boiling water for 30 seconds, then back into fresh room temperature water, every 3 days. Keep roses away from draughts, fruit and heaters, the cooler the room the longer they will last.

Flower arrangement in Oasis Foam

Top up your arrangement with clean water preferably with flower food. Making sure that you keep your flowers in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, removing any faded flowers and dried foliage will keep your arrangement at its optimum. Along with keeping water levels up will extend the life of your arrangement.


Dandelion Bespoke Floral Boutique has recently added balloons to our services. In coinciding with our value & love for the environment we are a proud member of PEBA ( Professional Environmental Balloon Association). We just wanted to share some interesting facts about PEBA & the Balloon industry…

*PEBA is assisting in spreading the word about the responsible enjoyment of Balloons. By helping prevent the negative environmental impacts against accidental Or deliberate Balloon releases.

*Majority of Balloons used are made from Latex which is a natural rubber. If helium is used professionals comply with weighting balloons & not releasing them in the air.

*The motto is “Pin it & bin it” in the safe disposal of your balloons after your event.

*Latex balloons are plant based & are made from natural rubber, which breakdown. However, if they become litter they may not breakdown quick enough to prevent possible risk or harm the wildlife.

*Medical grade helium is not used to inflate the balloons. Instead of the lower grade of helium being wasted that is not pure enough for medical or scientific use, it is collected to be used as balloon gas.